MB Flooring


Experienced residential design team ready to exceed your expectations.


Bringing high quality control and craftsmanship.


Expert floor installation with the type of care you would expect from an experienced flooring company.

with a focus on servicing our comercial client’s needs a providing efficient work with professional craftsmanship MB Flooring continues to be the premier choice for  your industrial flooring needs.


Let us use both our commercial and residential flooring experience to your next home flooring renovation.

From helping you select the right residential flooring per room to working directly with the flooring manufacturers to get you prices you won’t find elsewhere.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Whatever your wood flooring objectives are, the experts at MB Home Solutions can assure you a most excellent installation experience.

Wood flooring’s popularity is due to its design warmth! Wood is comfortable, practical and it never goes out of style. In addition, there are more wood flooring options to choose from than there ever was before. With more than 1,000 species of wood, cork and bamboo floors available to you the possibilities are endless.

Laminate Floor Installation

Highly durable and beautiful, Laminate Flooring installed by MB Home Solutions will never fail to provide you with a quality flooring experience.

All laminate floors are proven to maintain good performance of characteristics and will withstand the traffic of everyday life whether it is kids, pets or frequent dinner parties. Although these floors may resemble real wood flooring it is important to understand that they are not.

Tile Floor Installation

Tile floors come in many forms, are highly versatile and can add an astonishing look to any room in your house.

Tile is basically an immobile surface of baked clay, metal or stone and can be used for floors, walls, backsplashes and even counters. With tile, your options are virtually endless with choices including ceramic, porcelain, stone or glass as well as different textures, shapes and finishes.

Carpet Installation

Have you ever walked on carpet and marveled at how soft and resilient it felt?

At MB Home Solutions, we believe that the right carpet can add magnificence and fashion to any room. In today’s carpet industry there are thousands of colors to choose from and can either be used as a neutral foundation or as a focal point of bold colors and dramatic textures.

The first option you should consider is what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create and how the room is to be used. Are you trying for a formal style or a more casual one? Is the room a high traffic area?

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